Secure Property Purchase in Cambodia

Watzmann Ltd. offers you the opportunity to legally acquire property in Cambodia and do so without any problems. When purchasing one of our properties, you are registered as the legal owner of the land hard title* of the property.

The purchase and rewriting process is carried out in the following steps:

  • On the reservation, payment of 10% of the purchase price, within one week.
  • Purchase contracts are prepared by a lawyer. The legal costs will be shared equally between the buyer and Watzmann Cambodia Ltd.
  • The signing of contracts.
  • Payment of 20% of the purchase price, according to contract.
  • Rewrite property from Watzmann Cambodia Ltd. to the buyer.
  • In the process of transferring the hard title to the buyer, the remaining purchase price of 70 % is paid.

*hard title - The hard title is the strongest form of property ownership in Cambodia and the best Cambodia Land title. Hard titles are an ownership certificate provided by the Land Management and Planning office.

Hard titles contain detailed information that has been duly recognized and certified at a national level with the Ministry of Land and a cadastral office.

A transfer tax of four percent applies when a hard title transaction occurs.

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