About Sihanoukville

General information

The city of Sihanoukville, situated in the province of the same name, is located directly on the coast, about 220 km from the Cambodian Capital Phnom Penh. Founded in 1958 for its deepwater port Sihanoukville in recent years has developed in diverse ways into now being an alluring location in Southeast Asia.

Year on year, increasing tourism has generated growth in foreign and domestic investments, leading to an increase in the quality of life for local people. In Sihanoukville, you will find small hospitals, dentists, banks, supermarkets, international schools and kindergartens, various Internet providers, international restaurants and everything else one associates as necessary for a modern way of life. In addition to numerous large and small hotels, the deep sea port and the Angkor beer brewery are the biggest employers in the city, but agriculture and fisheries, the garment and construction industry and government and non-government services are also expanding, drawing ever more people into the town.

Sihanoukville is situated on a peninsula and offers five main beaches of which two, Ochheuteal Beach and the beautiful Otres Beach are but a few minutes drive from the Watzmann Cambodia Ltd. residential complex. Located along the coastal fringe are tropical islands, which can be easily reached by ferry boats. Inland, the landscape consists of rolling green hills.

For air transportation Sihanoukville International Airport is just 23 km outside the city but, as of May 2016, there is now a revived train service running from Sihanoukville via Kampot to Phnom Penh which operates from Friday to Sunday. By car, you can reach the capital from Sihanoukville in 4-5 hours on the well maintained National Highway 4. Bus and taxi services are also available.